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Siva Afi – Intermediate – Level 1


Students will more advanced steps to siva afi, routine and cultural information about the siva afi

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Course Information

LEVEL ONE-Note: students will not be dancing with fire due to safety, this course objective is to learn a routine with practise stick only.

On successful completion of the Siva Afi Intermediate Course, students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate a sound knowledge of the history and origins of Siva Afi
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of how to correctly hold, handle and look after their Siva Afi practise stick
  • Understand safe dance practice, including:
    • practising in environments that hold enough space 
    • practising in environments away from young children or fragile objects to avoid potential accidents
  • Confidently execute basic and more difficult Siva Afi movements
  • Demonstrate difficult motions, throws and speed of spins (without dropping the practise stick)
  • Confidently execute Siva Afi technique and warm up drills
  • Demonstrate the correct stance, posture and alignment of the basic movements
  • Perform the learnt routine and combinations by the end of the course
  • Demonstrate learnt movements with confidence and warrior-like strength
  • Demonstrate standing, kneeling and ground motions
  • Demonstrate or identify basic Siva Afi doubles movements

There will be assessment of routine in week 9, whereby students will be required to send in routine via video for assessment.

Certificate to be awarded on completion of course.


Frederick Schwenke

Siva Afi & Fa'ataupati Instructor

Frederick is one of the founders and directors of Matavai Cultural Arts and has extensive experience on a local and international stage.