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Siva Afi – Intermediate – Level 3


Students will more advanced steps to siva afi, routine and cultural information about the siva afi

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Course Information

LEVEL THREE- Will continue on with routine taught in Level two.

  • Siva Afi movements and techniques
  • Harder combinations of Siva Afi movements
  • Warm-up drills that work on speed and control of movements
  • How to confidently execute Siva Afi movements in a new Siva Afi routine
  • How to execute movements with warrior-like strength


During the term students will also be required to complete a quiz and video exam at the end of term to receive a Certificate of Completion. Participants are required to practise daily or weekly in order to keep up with class content.


Note: students will not be dancing with fire due to safety, this course objective is to learn a routine with practise stick only.


Frederick Schwenke

Siva Afi & Fa'ataupati Instructor

Frederick is one of the founders and directors of Matavai Cultural Arts and has extensive experience on a local and international stage.