Samoan Language – Level 1

Matavai Online – Term 4


Classes are taught via pre recorded video each week a new video is posted to the virtual classroom. Students can then learn at their own pace. Students are encouraged to submit progress videos throughout the term so that tutors can give feedback.

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We have 3 classes for different age groups / timezones running this term:
(We’ve broken down times from West Coast US, California Time – Sydney time – Apia Time)

  • US Students (All Ages)
  • Worldwide (6-12 yrs)
  • Worldwide (18+)


Zoom times are as follows:

AMERICA Group (All ages)

  • US Students: FRI @ 5.00pm PDT /
  • SYD: SAT @ 11.00am AEDT /
  • APW: SAT @ 2.00pm.

WORLDWIDE (6-12yrs): AEDT /

  • SYD: THURS @ 4.30pm
  • APW: THURS 7.30pm


  • SYD: THURS @ 6.00pm AEDT /
  • APW: THURS 9.00pm