Online Class Agreement

By filling out our online class enrolment form, you are agreeing to the following:

I agree:

  1. I or my child/ children has gained permission to be online and partake in Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts online classes.
  2. The sharing of your online class link and password is strictly forbidden.
  3. Material in video course is copyright and has not been approved for sharing, or for third party recordings.  Sharing of the classes and zoom links and passwords are strictly forbidden. If any student is found to share or copy, course membership will be suspended and no refund given.
  4. All participants of classes must advise Matavai of any medical conditions or physical condition that could affect their participation in these online classes.
  5. All participants of the online courses are advised by participating in Matavai classes online courses you are doing so at own risk. Avoid activity if student has or suspected of having injuries aches pains that may be of concern.
  6. Must have suitable space with non slip floor and any potential obstructions in the vicinity are removed before participating. Please ensure that you have cleared adequate spacing at least two metre space. You will have to take responsibility for the safety of your space and of your movements
  7. Avoid physical contact with other participants and where appropriate, adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  8. Payment is due in full prior to the student taking part in the online course.
  9. No refunds will be issued under any circumstances.
  10. You will ensure that you or your child is wearing appropriate clothing that is suitable for dance (preferably our MPCA uniform if you have one. Uniforms can be purchased on website (subject to availability)
  11. For any zoom session (subject to each tutor), where possible, you will ensure webcams are located in a communal space like a living room – rather than a bedroom. If only a private space like a bedroom is available you will commit to keeping the door open.
    1. Try to set up your screen so that it is at, or close to, eye height, and near enough to see the teacher clearly.  Ensure you have the volume set high so that you can hear the instructions. If possible be lit from in front rather than behind, e.g. close curtains if dancing in front of a window. Make sure your device isn’t in danger of being knocked.
    2. Your sound will be off when you join. You will be able to hear your teachers but they will not be able to hear you.  Your teachers will decide when to bring your sound on if necessary.  If you have a question please raise your hand
    3. Have a full bottle of water bottle close by for any live zoom classes (if you course requires).
  12. If an exercise or action causes sharp or sudden pain, stop immediately, apply first aid or seek help. Because of the online format your actions are unsupervised by your teacher so please make your own judgements, as you know your own body better than anyone.
  13. Have any pets or young siblings in another space to avoid sudden tripping hazards
  14. Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur to participant during dance class.




$100 per course + Fee ($104.05)
$120 Siva Afi course + Fee ($124.79)
$350 + Fee (Family Pass)
$380 + Fee (Oceanic Pass)

Private classes are offered and must be organised with directors and teacher.



Will only be given due to long term injury or illness and only if Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts director has been contacted asap and a doctor’s certificate is presented.

Class changes, holidays, school camps etc. DO NOT APPLY.



Exiting conditions apply to all students that wish to discontinue training with Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts.

When enrolling with Matavai, all students are expected to complete the course.
Exiting conditions are:

  • There will be NO REFUNDS on course.
  • No performance pieces taught by Matavai Pacific Cultural Arts are to be performed by the exiting student without the expressed permission of the director of Matavai.



By agreeing to Incite Dance’s Terms and Conditions, you as the students’ parent/guardian give permission for Matavai to display, print, copy and publish in Matavai brochures, flyers, newsletters, websites, social media, videos and in any other promotional material, photos or video footage of your child taken during classes, dance activities and/or performances.


Our Terms And Conditions were updated on October 2020
Essential Information for Students added July 2020.