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Fiji – Girls – Level 2


Students will learn Fiji Meke, choreography, meaning of the dance and cultural knowledge and some language.

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Fiji GIRLS Level two- This level is an extension of level one meke class, students will learn meke choreography, meaning of the dance, cultural knowledge which includes traditional food, geography, traditional flowers, traditional items, iconic Fijians and more as well as language.

  • 8 weeks of video lessons- released every Saturday at 9am AEST.
  • Week nine is ASSESSMENT WEEK– whereby students are required to send in video of the meke they learnt and complete a quiz based on information taught throughout term.
  • It is recommended that students send in progress videos every two weeks, to receive feedback, assistance with technique.
  • Upon completion of assessment students will receive report and Certificate of Completion.


Grace Karikaritu

Fijian Girls Instructor

Grace started performing meke in primary school in Fiji. She came to truly love meke during school dances in High school where she attended a Fijian all girls prominent boarding school.