Papua New Guinea Courses
Welcome to the Papua New Guinea online course at Matavai. Learn dances and songs from the New Ireland province and the Morobe province, as well as cultural knowledge and basic Tok Pisin language.

Choose the course and level you wish to enroll in. Videos are pre-recorded and released weekly so you can complete course at your own pace.

All our dance courses include;


9 Week course (week 9 assessment week- students have up to three weeks to complete assessments)


8 weeks of video lessons


Strengthening technique




Cultural knowledge


Certificate of completion awarded at the end of course upon completing assessment.


Progress videos and feedback every fortnight


Virtual classroom


Practical and theory (quiz) assessment in week NINE


Regular updates on cultural knowledge and information

Level 1

This is the introductory level. Tailored for students who have little to no experience in pasifika style dance.

Level 2

This level is for students who have some knowledge in pasifika style dancing or who have completed level 1 in previous terms.

Level 3

This skill level is reserved for people who have danced in this style before or who have completed level 2 in term 3.

Papua New Guinea - Beginners - Level 1

Papua New Guinea is a country embedded with such enormous diversity, that it makes claim to thousands of different cultural groups and more than 800 different recognised languages.  From region to region, the language, cultures, dances, traditional ceremonies, myths and legends will change depending on where you find yourself situated.  This course is designed to give participants an introductory overview to just a tiny handful of these cultures by sharing dance, language, history and cultural traditions and storytelling.

It is our first course representing the unique cultures found across PNG and an invitation to explore a variety of delightful insights and lessons that will whet your appetite for more as we develop this program.

Participants can expect to learn:

  • Introductory language Lessons
  • A variety of beginner level dance
  • ‘Bilas lessons’ or how to harvest and create costumes
  • Historical and ceremonial traditions
  • Storytelling from a range of cultural groups
  • Traditional food preparation

Gender: All | Ages: All | Term Length: 5 weeks
Price: $45
Instructor: Ellen Morgan

Ellen Morgan

Papua New Guinea Instructor

Ellen comes from a mixed parentage of New Ireland Province and Hela Province. In 2019 Ellen was crowned Miss Frangipani / Miss East New Britain. Ellen chose to advocate on Climate Change and ocean conservation, an issue that is close to her heart.