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Oceanic Dance – Level 3


This course is for students who would like to learn a variety of Oceanic Cultural Dances at an introductory level. Students will learn basic movements and short routines from Tahiti, Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands. Every two weeks a new dance style and routine will be introduced and taught.

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Course Information

LEVEL THREE- This course is for students who would like to learn a variety of Oceanic Cultural Dances at an introductory level. In the Oceanic Dance Course Level 3, students will learn:


  • Basic movements learnt in Oceanic Dance Level 2 in depth, as well as additional basic movements and techniques
  • 3 Oceanic cultural dances or arts including Siva Samoa, Cook Islands Ura and Ori Tahiti
  • Specific cultural or historical knowledge about each culture, dance techniques and performance expressions, as well as short choreography from each culture
  • About the different styles of Siva Samoa e.g. Taualuga or Mauluulu, Ori Tahiti e.g. Aparima or Otea and Cook Islands Ura e.g. Kaparima or Ura Pau. Along the way they will also understand the beautiful similarities and differences between the 3 cultural dances, and important values of these Oceanic cultures
  • Moemoana’s lived experiences as a dancer in these specific Pacific islands adds depth to the students learning experience as she shares some of her knowledge of these Oceanic lands, and we hope students obtain the most they can from this course
  • In the term students will also be required to complete a quiz and video exam at the end of term to receive a Certificate of Completion. Participants must have had previous Pacific cultural dance experience or must have completed Level 1.


Moemoana Schwenke

Siva Afi & Oceanic Dance Instructor

Moemoana Schwenke has extensive experience with various Pacific cultural arts, locally and internationally. She has placed 1st runner up in the womens category for the 2019 World Fire-Knife Competition in Hawaii, she has participated in the 2017 Te Maeva Nui dance competition in Rarotonga, 2019 Heiva I Tahiti Festival representing legendary group O Tahiti E, 2019 Teuila Festival as a guest artist and much more.